• By checking the box above the “place order” button and proceeding to place an order, you are entering into a legal, binding contract with Heavy Metal Designz, that includes the following…
  • Pricing: We reserve the right to change prices and terms & conditions, at any time, without prior notice.  Effective 10/28/2023, if you chose to pay with a credit/debit card, including pre-paid gift cards, a 3% fee will be added to your invoice.
  • Back Orders: Every effort is made to keep all items in stock at all times. Occasionally some product may be back ordered. We will make every effort to deliver back ordered products as quickly as possible.  All fiberglass parts are considered special order and are on backorder, because they are made to order, and never stocked.
  • Special Orders: Special orders are exactly that “special”. We will try to fill all special orders as fast as possible. However, special orders take as long as they take and cost as much as they cost. There are often factors pertaining to these items that are out of our control. Things that fall under the Special Order policy are: Items made to order (all of the fiberglass parts, for example), one-of-a-kind items, another manufacturer’s items that we order specifically for you, and any item that we modify for you, at your request.  Special orders of products that are not manufactured by HMD520/Heavy Metal Designz, may not be cancelled for any reason.  There are no refunds or cancellations, on these types of special orders.  *In the event we agree to cancel a special order on a part, that is manufactured by HMD520/Heavy Metal Designz, there is a 30% order cancellation fee, no exceptions!
  • Freight: Shipping is the responsibility of the purchasing party and all incurred shipping expenses will be added to the total purchase price at time of purchase OR prior to shipping, unless other arrangements have been made at time of purchase. In-stock items will be packaged to ship between 4-10 business days from the time we process your order. It takes 2-3 business days to process your order before we package your product for shipping. HMD520/Heavy Metal Designz is not responsible for shipping delays. We will only ship to your billing address. Billing address must match exactly, the address that your card issuing bank has on file. The system WILL NOT notify you that the address was rejected. We will attempt to contact you for the correct address. If we cannot get the address issue resolved, you will need to provide a different card, or your order will be cancelled.  If you request expedited shipping with carriers that guarantee an arrival time, and the guaranteed arrival time is not met by the shipping provider, it is your responsibility to obtain the refund from the carrier, and not the responsibility of HMD520/Heavy Metal Designz.  Damaged/Missing items must be reported to the shipping company, at the time of delivery, if possible.   *ALL DAMAGED ITEMS MUST BE REPORTED WITHIN 24 HOURS OF DELIVERY*. PROCEDURE FOR REPORTING DAMAGED/MISSING ITEMS.  If the delivery driver is still present, have them report on his/her computer that the package is damaged/shortened.  DO NOT throw away anything! Boxes, packing material, etc. Save it all, just in case a FedEx or USPS rep needs to come out and inspect it.  You must notify us by telephone or email within 24 hours, or a damage claim cannot be filed. Your claim could take from 10-30 business days to process.  All shipments are insured by HMD520/Heavy Metal Designz with the shipping company, and will require a signature upon delivery.
  • Refused Shipments: All returned or refused shipments (including shipments where customer was not home to sign, and never picked items up from carrier) will result in a processing fee (which will be equal to what we are billed, for the package being returned to us) No exceptions. If a product is returned or refused without proper authorization, no refund for product will be given and any shipping and handling fees will still be charged.  If you would like the package re-shipped, you will be charged for shipping again.
  • Merchandise Returns/Order Cancellations: Once you have submitted your order, this becomes a binding legal contract between HMD520/Heavy Metal Designz, and you, the customer. NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES ON CUSTOM MADE, SPECIAL ORDER, AIR RIDE, ELECTRICAL, OR ON PAINTED OR INSTALLED PARTS. *Under special circumstances, which are determined by HMD520/Heavy Metal Designz, cancellations/returns/exchanges may be allowed. We WILL NOT allow cancellation/returns/exchanges due to buyer’s remorse, or impatience. All pre-approved returns/exchanges must be post marked no later than 30 days from the date of delivery. Returns/exchanges must be in new condition and must include all instructions and original packing material. Customer pays all return shipping charges. PLEASE EMAIL info@hmd520.com for a RMA number. Once the parts have been inspected by HMD520/Heavy Metal Designz, we will issue a credit to the original credit card. Original shipping and handling charges will not be credited. If a product is returned or refused without proper authorization, no refund for product will be given, and any shipping and handling fees will still be charged. In the case of a return, or order cancellation request, you will have the choice between a 100% in-house credit, OR you will be charged 30% return/cancellation fee, regardless if item has been made already or not, no exceptions! No freight or restocking fee will be charged on goods found to be defective or not as ordered. All defective items, items not as ordered, or missing items, must be reported within 30 days of purchase, and will receive a repaired or replaced item at the discretion of HMD520/Heavy Metal Designz, or a merchandise in-house credit will be issued. HMD520/Heavy Metal Designz will issue a return label.  Once the defective part is received by us, we will send out replacement, as soon as one becomes available. Must provide proof of purchase.  No refunds will be issued. Any customer who fails to pay any balance due, will no longer be eligible to purchase from us in the future. Any customer who initiates a chargeback against HMD520/Heavy Metal Designz, through their credit card company, rather than trying to work with us, will be charged a 50% fee, and will no longer be eligible to purchase from us in the future.
  • Web Store Contents: We believe the contents and specifications of our web store to be accurate and correct. We assume no liability for any errors in listings, specifications, part numbers, prices or model applications. We reserve the right to change specifications, product descriptions, pricing and applications of any product at any time, without further notice and without further obligation. The reproduction of any material from our web store is forbidden without our written approval.
  • Improper Care or Misuse: HMD520/Heavy Metal Designz shall have no warranty obligation in the event that goods have been modified by any other person or organization, or where goods become defective in whole or in part as a result of improper installation, improper maintenance, improper use, abnormal operation, or any other misuse or mistreatment of the goods.
  • Proof of Purchase: HMD520/Heavy Metal Designz shall have no warranty obligation in the event the customer is unable to present a receipt evidencing the date on which the customer purchased the goods.
  • HMD520/Heavy Metal Designz Fiberglass Parts:  (considered special order)

Fiberglass parts are made to order, and considered Special Order (Special Order policy applies to all fiberglass parts) These parts are made from hand-laid fiberglass, and the best resin and materials. We also use top quality products in our molds. Our products need to be test fitted first, to ensure a proper fit. Some pieces may need to be sanded, in order to fit correctly. Please make all adjustments before painting. You must notify us within 30 days, if a part does not fit. HMD520/Heavy Metal Designz will not be responsible for parts that are painted, and not test fitted prior to paint/installation. Our products are usually finished in a primer. In most cases, light sanding is all that is required. If you notice a small defect, all you will need is finishing body filler to repair the problem. You can paint right over finishing body filler. We recommend that you use a sealer before applying the top coat of your choice.

  • Exhausts: Exhaust systems are warranted for manufacturing defects only. There is no warranty on exhaust pipes or mufflers with regard to any discoloration. Discoloration (bluing) is caused by tuning characteristics, carburetor jetting, overheating, etc. It is not caused by defective manufacturing.
  • Chrome plating/Powder Coating: If after initial inspection a flaw is discovered in the chrome or powder coat, DO NOT INSTALL IT!! Please call Heavy Metal Designz for an RMA, and we will replace the item at no charge. Please use caution when installing chrome plated components, the finish is fragile. Especially when mating two chrome components together. Always use anti-seize whenusing chrome hardware on chrome plated products. HMD520/Heavy Metal Designz recommends using a quality wax or polish on chrome to protect their finish.
  • Consequential Damages: Heavy Metal Designz shall not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages arising from the breach of any warranties, the failure to deliver, delay in delivery, in non-conforming condition, or for any other breach of contract or duty between HMD520/Heavy Metal Designz and the customer. Heavy Metal Designz cannot control any environment that our products may be subjected to and our warranty coverage only extends to our products in their original, un-installed/as purchased form. HMD520/Heavy Metal Designz will not, under any circumstance, warranty paint, or installation/removal labor, on any product, unless said product was purchased from HMD520/Heavy Metal Designz in an installed or painted form.
  • Completion times: All completion date estimates given online or verbally are not guaranteed dates but are approximate only.
  • Important: HMD520/Heavy Metal Designz is in no way, shape, or form, connected with Polaris or Victory Motorcycles, and any products with a trademark, name, or word used in our web store are strictly intended, solely as a reference as to that particular part. None of our parts are D.O.T approved. All of our parts are intended for custom applications. You, and only you, are ultimately responsible for determining the suitability of any product, and your intended use of that product, for your application. Therefore, you assume any and all responsibility for any outcome resulting from use or installation of any of our products in any manner. HMD520/Heavy Metal Designz insists that you test fit any product prior to painting or cosmetic finishing. Modifying any HMD520/Heavy Metal Designz product for your particular application voids all warranty. HMD520/Heavy Metal Designz will not be held responsible for any paint or labor expenses under any circumstances, and will not accept for return, any product that has been modified or damaged due to improper installation.

We reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone for any reason. 

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